About Carrington Homes

01-15-2014_02-00-19_Carrington_HomesCarrington Homes of Mississauga, Ontario, designs and builds affordable homes and high-quality, master-planned communities throughout Canada. The company started out as a residential builder more than 30 years ago. Since then, Carrington Homes has developed a reputation for providing personalized design and construction services, guaranteed craftsmanship, and superlative customer support.

Carrington Homes creates innovative and timeless designs for its clients nationwide. This design duality may be found in the new home and condominium development of Woodlands of Upper Courtice, one of the company’s more recent projects. In addition, the company helps its customers to protect their investments by offering them two-year, new-homeownership warranties.

The building and design professionals at Carrington Homes are active members of several construction trade groups, including the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and the Building Industry and Land Development Association. Furthermore, the company participates in the Energy Star program and the Tarion Warranty Corporation (TWC) program. The privately held TWC implements the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and, in meeting the stipulations of this initiative, helps protect new homeowners from shoddy craftsmanship and fraud.


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